Laughter is a great feeling that is said to be be a sought of medicine that heals you . Imagine that . Not to bring you down , but what is sad is that we don’t  see it a lot outside and could you imagine there are all sought of strange , funny, and silly thoughts we all go through outside but we keep it inside us as if it is something wrong if we shared it . Hummmm Just thoughts I thought might be worth sharing .

But now for the grand final , lets start thinking laughter and you may feel strange an unkown feelings may arise but its ok its healing us so lets pass it on its really contagious .

Think Patch Adams , a Robin Williams movie . There are many Comedians we can add up , add yours and we will add ours and help build a supply of beautiful laughter cure medicine .




Besides every day funny stuff we see every were , here are some videos we thought might make you laugh .