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June 10, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Hopefully every one or atleast most are enjoying life . Maybe working places you love or just enjoy what you do . I say its starts back when we are growing up and our guardians watch us and nurture us to find our skills weakness. Then our education in good schools will guide us the rest of the way to be the best we can be in what we love doing . Either way it’s never too late to start . Anyway … Here are a few things to help out in our journeys of life for enjoyment .


Here is some base jumping with wing suits on . Beautiful and what courage you must have to do this . Figure we will put this up since many of us won’t be trying this any time soon, lol. .




There are pool party places which are great to do to have fun and staying fit .

and there are many more pool place to go .



Botanical Gardens is a beautiful place to go to and support and be one with nature .


Rent a Citi bike and ride through a park , Central park or tour your surroundings .


Go take a bus some where, Alantic city etc . or rent a car and just drive any where have fun and enjoy . Check for lots of meet ups , Time out magazine is pretty good as well .

Stay tuned as we will add a bunch more ¬†… Enjoy !



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